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Todobedobedo privacy policy

Your personal details

To create an account all you need to provide is an email address, a name and a password. This information will be stored on our webserver.

We will never pass this information on to any third party. Ever.

Your to-do items

The things you have to do are your own business.

We won't tell anybody else. Ever. Do you see a pattern developing here?

What do we get out of it?

We may choose to contact you about other of our products or services that we think you might be interested in. We won't send you third party crap. Ever. That's all we ask in return for letting you use Todobedobedo free of charge. Fair enough?

A word of advice

Please don't use a password that's easy to guess. The 'stronger' your password, the more secure your to-do information is. For example, using something like password or bob is just plain dumb. Something like eK22nNl18 is much better. But don't use that one, ok? The more sensitive your to-dos, the stronger your password should be.

Knowing me, knowing you

Someone who already knows your email address could use it to find out if you are registered with Todobedobedo. If you think that's a problem, you'd better stick with your scraps of paper and sticky notes. Sorry.